Artist Statement

My musical style is a blend of hip-hop, electronic, and chill.  This laid back style is a mirror of my personality and is born from a youth spent in Nepal where I was immersed in a culture and lifestyle quite the opposite of the modern Western world.  This unique upbringing has shaped who I am as a person as well as who I am as a musician, although, I'm not sure I can separate the two as one is the same as the other.  I like to think that music is a window into the soul.  It gives us a medium in which to bare our deepest emotions and ideas.  It's a bridge between the spiritual and the material world.

When I create music, it's an attempt to connect with people on a deep level.  A way to let others know what I'm feeling.  It's an attempt to bring out emotions in myself and the listener.  When you're listening to my music, I want you to feel something; to feel whatever the music is saying to you.

When I see that others connect with my music, that's inspiring!  It makes me want to create more.  I love it when I'm playing music and people start dancing or bobbing their head to the beat.  There's no better feeling than to see people react to my art.  It doesn't matter if it's a "good" or a "bad" reaction, it means that it invoked some sort of emotion or feeling from them, that's what I strive for.  That interaction on a spiritual, emotional, higher plane of existence is the essence of what makes us human.  My goal is to communicate at that level with others through my music.